Transformers mounted under R-APDRP scheme lying useless on the roads

Unchecked power outages owing to the change in the weather have added to the woes of Jammuities. The situation has worsened for children and elders as students have to study and elders suffering from ailments suffer the most due to frequent power cuts.

In order to meet the demand of power supply in the state, government implemented centrally sponsored R-APDRP (Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme) scheme in which multiple transformers were installed in Channi Himmat, Gandhi Nagar and adjoining areas. The whole objective of the scheme was to let citizens sleep peacefully but conditions have turned pernicious for them since the heavy downpour and storms caused damage to transformers and power lines which further led to power outages and tripping of transmission lines. And now the condition is such that most of the transformers are lying on the roads further adding to the discomfort of citizens.

The scheme miserably failed and did not turn up to the expectations of the people. The prevailing conditions force every tax payer to question the poor contingency plan made by the authorities. Hardly three months back transformers were mounted on the poles and now the expectations have been dashed to the ground and power sector has again become a mess. If these transformers had to be removed, then why were they mounted in the first place? The present condition of the equipments is speaking volumes about the quality. On approaching the authorities, they said that the storms and heavy downpour have caused problems in the installed transformers, so the question arises why the quality check was not done in the first place? Why issues related to the quality of the equipments are raked up at such later stage?  Money pumped in for the scheme have gone waste as citizens are still suffering both due to unscheduled power cuts and dangle on the roads.

The low lying power transmission lines and transformers lying useless on the ground are posing a severe threat for the children and elders. Despite paying bills on regular basis, people have to suffer at the hands of authorities. So, measures must be taken by the concerned authorities to replace these transformers at the earliest and bring the system back on track.

Inputs shared by Citizen Reporter Shaveta Sharma

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