Kite Strings proving lethal for humans and other beings

Chinese Manja still in dominance even after the ban in state

Kite flying was meant to be a fun activity. It was about how high your kite could soar and how long you could keep it afloat in the sky. White cotton threads were used for the purpose. Of course, kites did get entangled but that was not done deliberately.

Somewhere down the years, kite flying turned into a competitive sport. It became more like kite fighting where the sole purpose was to bring down each others' kites. To sharpen the strings, they began being gummed and coated with crushed glass. And today, the colored synthetic/plastic/Chinese manja have become a big hit.

Sadly, these strings are proving lethal for humans. Being non biodegradable, they are also harmful for the environment. And the worst affected are the birds. Flying in the sky oblivious of what awaits them, these innocent creatures are killed and maimed as their necks and wings get slashed. And awaiting babies in the nests starve to death.

Even after the kite flying season is over, these strings remain hazardous as they hang on electric wires and trees. Birds get entangled in them. And if they carry some bits of these strings to build their nests, newborn babies get cuts.

In view of the harm they cause to humans, birds and other animals, the sale, purchase and use of synthetic/plastic/Chinese manja is now banned in Jammu. The public should be made aware of this ban and children should be encouraged to fly kites with kind cotton threads once again.

Citizen Reporter : Malvika Kalra

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