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Friendships Day Special

Galvanized by all the glittering chronicles of college, fracturing the comfort zone and stepping out to grab the world by heels- bidding a farewell to the good golden school days comes a time to step into yet another chapter of thy life ‘college'. College is the most cherished phase of one's life where most of the metamorphosis of one's personality takes place. Going down the memory lane lights up the dark chambers of brain with a hazy illumination and even the grotesque of the college moments bring an involuntary curve on the lips now. Trying to shed away the skin of the child within whilst standing on the threshold of being an adult, yet relishing a samosa from the college canteen every morning, the first crush/love {maybe the second or the third depending on one's ability}, shrinking or expanding friends circle {again proportional to abilities), gastric ailments owing to the college canteen, the real life struggle for 75% attendance, cold war with professors {sometimes flattering them}, true bond with the partners in crime ‘the gate keepers' and so much more. The word college itself scads so many sweet and sour memories and fills a person with reminiscences. The friends you made in college are like partners in crime. This friendships day, walk down the nostalgic lane and enjoy the list of things every college friends would relate to:

1. TEA-Tea is the Holy Grail for the college friends. It is the most celebrated beverage that has served friendss since time immemorial. A day before internals/ externals, it reinforces the courage to triumph these milestones and even keeps the friendss going on the last day of submission of assignments and many more days even after the last day of submission to bear with the additional wrath of the professor while submitting. The future goals, the future plans, important discussions and even some spicy everyday's breaking news over the professor who got married, the couple who broke up, the threats received by the authorities, the pile of warning letters, the upcoming fest etc happens over tea.

2. JAADU KI JHAPPI (UNPRECEDENTED HUGS) -The greeting jhappi, the hello/goodbye jhappi, the motivational jhappi, the emotional jhappi, the selfish jhappi (when you need a favor from the next person), the egoistic jhappi (before the beginning of any cold war) and a without reason wali jhappi; hugs come naturally and handshakes become rare.

3. ACCUSTOMED DIALOGUES-The dialogues that appeared as threats in the first semester turn out to be a lullaby eventually. Dialogues such as "I haven't seen a worst class like this in my entire teaching career" or "I will detain you" or "don't forget I have the power over internals" or "Kon si language samajh aati hai" or "I won't accept any assignment after the last date of submission" or "what is there to laugh about, share it with the entire class" or "this is the toughest semester" and the most frequented "stand up and move out of the class". Best part of these dialogues is that it consumes most of the time of the mundane lecture and also provides some time for getting back to senses after the dreadful laziness acquired from the lecture.

4. CANTEEN: THE PLACE OF FAITH-Birthday celebrations, breakup party, the warning letter party, the successful late assignment submission party, the breakup party, the patch up party, the new cell phone party, the successful bunk party in return for a party, there is so much so celebrate in college life and so many celebrations can take a toll on our wallets. Not to worry canteens are no less than a five star restaurants that to at an economical price. Canteen becomes a place visited religiously frequently for har roz ek party to banti h.

-A single register can go on for some consecutive semesters for except a handful of friendss others hardly take down notes. Two or three days before the final examination, a long queue can be spotted outside the Photostat shop. Few days before assignments, again a queue waits earnestly to replicate the assignment of the friends so that they jot down their own. The best part is the same error in the entire bunch of assignment and the same diagram or flowchart missing in all. It's like a Xerox copy of one assignment. A Photostat shop is hardly seen deserted. So much business which hardly comes down slope.

WRITE UP : Jasleen Kour

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