Is Kashmir Heading Towards Talibanisation With Posters Threatening That Girls Driving Scooties Will Be Burnt Alive

Driving is looked upon as a privilege instead of a right. Though in this era, parents hardly show any biased behaviour towards their children yet few self-proclaimed groups seem to consider it their birth right to enforce self-made laws on the women residing in the Kashmir Valley. We are in the 21st century still some people and organisations exist which claim to put a ban on girls driving scooties and threatening innocent girls via posters in the broad daylight.

Recently, a poster was published by the organization calling itself as “Sangbaaz Association Jammu and Kashmir, Azad Kashmir”, basically an association formed by the stone-pelters. The posters were seen in the Lal Chowk and adjoining areas of Srinagar city.

The warnings have been given to immolate girls if they dare to ride two-wheelers in the valley. The message carried by the poster reads as We request all girls, please do not use Scooty. If we see a girl riding Scooty, we will burn the Scooty as well as the girl.”

As per the reports, the Inspector General of Police, Kashmir Zone, SJM Gillani said that the enquiry has been started into this matter and the police is examining the posters so there is no need to panic. The security is ensured to the people moving on scooties and legal action if necessary will be taken against the people behind these posters.

The posters have also mentioned some specific shopkeepers to immediately shut down their shops. Besides, private transport owners are requested to cooperate with the association.

These incidents have sent security agencies into a tizzy but the question arises where are we actually heading with all this? Besides what harm or shame a woman is bringing by driving the scooty? How driving car is any different or less disgraceful than driving a two-wheeler for the group constituted of rudimentary people? What kind of self-rule do they wish to impose on the Kashmir Valley?

What next are we supposed to expect from these people? Ban on beauty salons? Boutiques? Would there be a time when they will allow women to actually breathe and live their life? Every woman deserve to live their life on her own terms and conditions and that should be the only rule which they must follow.

Security agencies will do what may seem right to them but people must comprehend the truth that supporting stone pelters association would mean nothing but supporting their outmoded ideologies wherein if they are buttressed in the beginning, sooner or later it would become difficult for women in the valley to even step out of their houses.

Such sort of chilling threats are undoubtedly panicking for parents so the people must support security forces to track down such elements in order to put them behind the bars. Corrupted minds are no good for peace-loving state and are ruinous to the democracy and one’s freedom.

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