Chimney, a new cafe in Jammu wowing food enthusiasts

On a cold evening when you need a cozy ambience and something tasty to tantalize your taste buds in the perfect winter evening, would you not hunt for a place that please your tummy and also serves you with some good times?
Chimney, the open air café in Bhatindi area is one of the best things about that happened to Jammu. Owned by famous RJ Manas from the 92.7 FM radio, Chimney is a great neighborhood eating joint.  The place is definitely creating raves among the locals for its concept of the café culture which otherwise is missing on the city’s buzz. They have clear favorites when it comes to a special meal with their stamp of quality food, service and consistency that you can happily bet on. 
“I found people are amazing eaters here. There are a lot of good places that serves good food but the café culture was missing on the city circuit where people could have loads of fun while having yum food. So the heavenly feeling of good food with good times gave birth to CHIMNEY.  We had willing customers and it was great for us. We had audience” says RJ Manas on his new venture. As the popularity of Chimney is growing, so is his personal unhappiness.
Chimney also brings some great amateur and young musicians to perform every evening and sometimes the guests also join in the performances. Clearly a biggie among locals, Chimney’s name is surely rising up in the food eating joints charts. Loved for its Tandoori and Chinese cuisines, it has something to offer to the vegetarians and non vegetarians and in the Tandoori, I would say a lot to offer to the non vegetarian bunch. Chinese menu though keeps both the groups happy. This new-age cafe style food, relaxed atmosphere and easy vibe, their menu has something to offer for every palate.
As quoted by my non vegetarian friend, Priya Puri “If you're lucky you will get the gorgeous smoky Chicken tikka coated with the perfect spices that's served with a beautiful sauce, but then only if you are lucky as it gets sold off quickly. It will just leave you salivating for more.”
Chimney seems to have wowed many food enthusiasts. The ambiance of the place is the contemporary trend of fusion and reinterpretation. The skilled use of the tandoor results in a magical melding of smoky flavors noticeable in the smiles of happy foodies. This unassuming restaurant gets very crowded on a regular day, but it is well worth the wait. 

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