Pure Love For The City Of Temples, Jammu

Take Me Home, Country Roads

Just as I was hovering over the city of temples, battling the tears of joy as the flight was preparing itself to land waiting for clearance, I realized how much this city meant to me. No, it isn't because of the mad rush of metros that I'm drawn to this serene city. I absolutely love the pace of life in the metros. But as much as I love them for their pace I love this city, my city for its purity and serenity. 
We have had so many issues taken up in the past, pointing out areas where our city is suffering at the hands of the administration. Yet despite all the issues and stories and the innumerable imperfections we still write 'feel good' stories about our city. And yes it doesn't snow here, much to the disappointment of the many people that I come across from other states. But believe me, it is heaven on earth!
There are so many things to write about and it's an overwhelming feeling. I am fighting to streamline my thoughts but failing miserably. However, here at 'Jammu Links News', as a citizen reporter; I have the luxury to pen down my thoughts as raw as they are without worrying about being politically correct. 
Of all the jobs and admission interviews that I have faced so far, one question that has never ceased to appear on the interviewer's list is “What is the specialty of your city?” I always ask my friends what their answer to this question is when asked. 
Invariably they talk about the food, 'Rajma-Chawal, famous city's 'Kaladi-Kulcha' and 'City Chowk Ka Halwa'. And I always regret having the same list of answers. But that is not the only special thing about this city. The city that this world sees as chaotic and violent is the same city in which a temple (Bahu fort) and a mosque co-exist peacefully next to each other. Where a mosque renders the renditions of the 'Aarti' and the temple echoes the ‘Dua’ from Quran. What could be more peaceful!
It's the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary. True! 
While almost all of us quite regularly accuse our city for being 'stagnant' and not 'modern', I feel that it is in its way of life that the elixir to eternal brilliance of the city lies. It's still untouched and unfazed by the layers of the world. It still exists as raw as it ever was. And whenever I return to this city from the fast-paced life, it is in its calmness that I find a surreal world, a world that seems almost unreal. 
We should change as the times change. Yes, I know and totally support that but then I don't want to see this city of joy change into a joyless concrete. I don't want to part with it's beautiful serene way of life and if we do that, this city won't feel home anymore. And anyway what would be so great about the world if each of us look like runway models in Milan? We aspire to be one of them but the moment that happens we lose our unique appeal. 
Safety I believe is not about “You know….we don't leave our houses after 8 pm (read we are not allowed), the city shuts at 10 pm and hence the world is safe!”
It's more like a feeling that a father has when his daughter leaves for college in the morning. He's sure that she'd return without having to fight the cruelty of this world. Yes, it is safe. Safe as heaven. It's my city! It's safe because it is still reasonable here to trust the intentions of the people.
The road trips to escape into the mountains, Patnitop trips with friends, innumerable city velhapanti experiences and a lot more. Some memories are vague and some so clear. You too, I'm sure have lots of untold stories that lay inside the comforts of your hearts and soul. It is these memories in this city that I'm so intensely connected with, its heart beat, an unspoken but heartfelt bond. I'm knitted together from my birth to today inside the delicate womb of the city. It's as if my soul breathes the warmth of the city.
I love it all the more for the feeling, the one that I get when I'm on the terrace, bowing to the Trikuta hills, as I watch the shaking lights of Vaishno Devi  or folding my hands as I cross the Tawi Bridge (Bawe Wali Mata) and watch other people do the same! Faith still lies at the heart of every individual here and that is what makes the city what is!
Nowhere else in the world could I find such solace and comfort. It is in my home, my city that I feel the breeze to sing “Koi na roke dil ki udaan ko, dil ye chala”. Melodramatic, but true. Or maybe it's the effect that the city has on me!
Citizen Reporter : Sudivya Dubey
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