DJ Gouri | Rising high like a rockstar

DJ Gouri, is a Pathankot born artist based in New Delhi. Mostly self-taught, she plays Beat house, Hip Hop, Techno, Pop etc. She has a great fan base in Delhi and adjoining states. Jammu Links News talked to this rockstar recently. Read excerpts from the interview

1. Where did you grow up? How did DJing start for you?

I am basically from Pathankot and I did my schooling there only. Post that, I came to Delhi and finished my graduation and then post-grad via correspondence. Besides, DJing happened organically because it was not in my plans at all. I began my airline career with Kingfisher and recently, I have joined Air India. Delhi has been home for last 15 years now. And earlier, when I was working with private charter, there were just 4-5 flights a month owing to which, I had a lot of time on my hands which I used wisely to learn music and skills needed for DJing.

2. Do you work as DJ full-time? What clubs, lounges, and corporate clients have you performed for?

It is more of a part-time thing but if you would ask me to choose one, I would say DJing because I have been associated with flying sector for almost 13-14 years and since DJing is something new, I would love to pursue it passionately. Because, flying is mostly tiring while DJing makes me happy. And I have performed around 4-5 gigs in almost every club in Delhi, then a couple in Mumbai, Kolkata and recently in Jammu as well. Also, I have done gigs for HDFC Bank, Haldirams etc. but no particular clients as such.

3. Tell us the story behind joining the airline sector as cabin-crew? Was all planned or it just happened?

So, when I completed my schooling, I wanted to come to Delhi but my parents wanted me to pursue my studies nearby and then become an IAS officer. Since, most of the things in my life happen when they're unplanned so I usually go with the flow. That's exactly what happened when I joined airlines, there was money and exposure in the sector so I spoke to parents regarding the same, they agreed in the beginning considering the fact that a single girl won't last long in a big city and will ultimately return home which never happened. With the aim to settle down in Delhi, I stayed in the airline sector only while pursuing my passion simultaneously.

4. Who is your biggest inspiration? Also, share the most memorable night till date as a DJ?

I would say my family because they have brought me up in a manner where we were told to question things and learn and grow in life. That attitude really helped me while foraying into DJing. Now-a-days, I perform as a Guest DJ in the clubs where I come across regular DJs who work so hard and passionately every single day and still can't make much money. I guess, they inspire me a lot and I look up to them. But if I really have to name someone, I would say Nucleya and his journey inspire me a lot.

And talking about the memorable night, there was this one day when an old lady in the audience came forward after my gig and then asked me to choose from 10-15 silver rings she had and finally one did fit me. Later, she kissed my forehead, gave blessings and shared that she would want her 10-year-old grand-daughter to become like me. Her affection moved me at a time when I had thought about giving up on this profession. And from that day onwards, whenever I'm in Delhi, both she and her husband come for my gigs and I make sure that they are having a good time.

5. What genre do you play? How do you customize the music experience for your audience?

I'm more into Beat house, Hip Hop, Techno, Pop etc. Besides, I do play Bollywood and Punjabi as well only if audience really demands it. And as far as customization is concerned, I am basically an interactive DJ so I know what people really want.

6. What was the turning point of your DJing career? Are women treated any differently in the field?

I would say that old lady incident really changed things up for me. It made me feel that I'm blessed and I need to work on my craft and believe in myself. Talking about women in the field, yes, it is bit struggling in the beginning but if you're skilled and know your job, you have a bright future.

7. What is the craziest thing that your fans have done for you?

Usually when the gigs end, lot of guys come and propose, or even sing songs for me. I have also had aunties coming up to me with proposals etc. But the craziest was when this 11-year-old girl used to come for my shows regularly along with her father and one day after the show, her father came up to me and angrily said, I do not like you, look at my child and tell if she should party every night. Then, I sat down with the kid, took her number and convinced her to party once a month only and she agreed. Before leaving, her father insisted on to keep a little present which I humbly accepted.

Later, I came back home and opened that package after 2-3 days and realized that she had written me a four page letter explaining how much she loves me. Along with that, there was an expensive Omega watch which pushed me down the memory lane, realizing how much I had wanted it at one point in my life. So, I would say, I am blessed to receive this much love from my audience and I am grateful for that.

8. What do you have to say about the DJ scene in Jammu and the attention that it deserves?

I liked the fact that I was called in Jammu, I really liked the people but I guess people are comparatively quite shy. Yet, I am happy that it is beginning and hopefully people will warm up to it in near future.

9. Describe your idea of a perfect lazy day?

When I'm juggling two jobs, I would say, relaxing on my couch beside my dog (Dude), having coffee and watching Netflix. I also love to eat out sometimes and may be go for a night spa and then sleep.

10. Some quick one-liners:

  • Date of Birth: 10th March
  • Favorite Go-to outfit: Baggy tees and shorts
  • Favorite food item: Sushi
  • Favorite place to hangout: My house
  • Favorite jewelry item: Diamond rings
  • Your celebrity crush: Undoubtedly, Hrithik Roshan



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