Citizen Report | Discriminatory to block mobile internet services in Jammu

Following the abrogation of Article 370 on August 5, the mobile internet was snapped in Jammu region which was later restored for a day only. The mobile internet services have been blocked for more than 23 days now and this is bothering Jammu residents.

Citizen reporter Suhani Bhagat wrote to Jammu Links News regarding the issues faced by college goers due to unavailability of internet services.

Suhani Bhagat, a college student, said," We are facing problems in the admission process this time and has to visit cyber cafes especially for filling out forms. It is a discriminatory step to snap services in Jammu when we have always maintained peace and harmony in the state. The Kashmiris have been involved in stone-pelting and other violent activities over the years"

She further said, "Jammuities have never been involved in any violent incidents still we are deprived of mobile internet. In order to seek information on any academic issue, we have to visit cyber cafes. Students who have to apply for jobs, fill online forms or people who need to book tickets, run businesses are bearing the brunt of blocked internet connectivity.

I, on the behalf of Jammuities appeal Governor Malik to immediately restore mobile internet connectivity in the Jammu region.


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