7 Tips to Stay Cool in Extreme Heat

The summers are the times when we sweat a lot and wait desperately for rains to arrive. Besides making us feel tired and zapped, it can even be downright harmful by increasing the risk of heatstroke. So, let us go through some of the tips which can help us to stay cool in such extremely hot weather.

1. Cold Showers

It is important to shower daily as bathing can regulate the body temperature which will help you to avoid a heat stroke. Showers and cold water baths also clean you of the sweat and grime that is sure to stick to your body in this heat.

2. Use sunscreen, scarves, and sunglasses

Always wear a sunscreen before stepping out in the sun as it helps protect against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Apply a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher on all the exposed body parts. It will help prevent tanning due to exposure to the sun for long periods of time. So if you want to avoid the risk of heatstroke use a good sunscreen, take scarves, hats, caps and even sunglasses with you before heading out. Make sure that the scarf is of a light material like cotton as it will protect you from the ghastly loo.

3. Increase fluid intake

If you want to save yourself from the harmful heat waves, it is important to keep yourself hydrated so always carry a water bottle if you are stepping out in the sun. Apart from plain water, try including light drinks like lemonade or fresh fruit juices to cut the heat and replace the water lost through sweat. And make sure to avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks. Remaining hydrated is extremely important during summers.

4. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet

Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet and avoid eating food items that produce heat like red meat and dry fruits. Cut down on sugar and sweets as well. One can opt for easily available watermelon as it is rich in water and their amino acid boosts energy and cuts down on fatigue. Also, never breakfast as an empty stomach can cause dizziness during extremely hot days.

5. Wear summer friendly fabrics and avoid wearing black

In order to keep yourself safe in summers, wear summer friendly fabrics which include cotton and linen clothes over synthetic fabrics. The cotton clothes absorb sweat and do not stick to your body while synthetic fabrics make one feel hotter. Also, avoid wearing black color as we know darker colors absorb more heat. For summers, stick to lighter colors like white and pastels that do not absorb that much heat and do not increase your body temperature.

6. Try to Stay Indoors if possible

Make it a rule to not step out of your house, especially in the peak hours of the afternoon unless it is necessary. Going out in the peak hours of daytime can sap you of all the energy leaving you dehydrated. So stay inside for the comfort of your cool room at home or at the office with AC and fans.

7. Exercise less

Excessive exercising in summers can affect your health. Working out for a longer period of time can put you in the risk of being dehydrated. Try for some light yoga or a late evening walk in shade and all strenuous exercise should be reserved for cooled gyms and indoor rooms.


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