AAP is 'photocopy' of Congress; both indulging in shadow boxing, says PM Modi

PATHANKOT: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said Aam Aadmi Party is the photocopy of the Congress party and both are indulging in shadow boxing.

"If Congress is original, AAP is its photocopy. One looted Punjab while the other one is involved in scam after scam in Delhi. Despite being 'Ek hi thali ke chatte batte' they are playing shadow boxing in Punjab, pretending to be against each other," said PM Modi while addressing a rally in Pathankot.

Lashing out at the Congress and the AAP, PM Modi said, "The Congress has got a partner-in-crime. One pushed Punjab's youth into drugs and the other is getting young people addicted to alcohol. They speak the language of Pakistan."

In a veiled attack on Congress, the Prime Minister said that the BJP government sees Punjab through the eyes of Punjabiyat while the Opponents see through the lens of politics.

"Punjabiyat is of umpteen importance to us, while the Opposition views Punjab from the lens of 'Siyasat' (politics)...When Captain Sahab was in Congress, he would stop them from moving in the wrong direction. Now, he is also not there," said PM Modi.

He further slammed Congress for questioning and asking for proof of the Pulwama attack.

"Even on the anniversary of the Pulwama attack, the people of Congress could not stop their sins. They are again asking for proof of the bravery of our army. I express my gratitude to the brave jawans and ex-servicemen that they have locked the mouth of Congress by giving a befitting reply," he said.

PM Modi said that wherever BJP established itself the remote control family (Congress) was wiped out.

"Now wherever there is peace, appeasement had been given a farewell, the same farewell has to be given in Punjab also," he added.

The Prime Minister asked the people of Punjab to give five years to the party and promised that industries will be better and farmers will prosper in the BJP government.

"Punjab will become charddi kala (prosper to new heights). The work which BJP begins, people support it so much that progress happens for sure. Wherever BJP settles, in whichever state, Delhi's remote control, the family-driven party gets jittery," he said.

He said that the amount of money that the BJP government has sent directly to the bank accounts of the farmers of Punjab has never happened before.

He added, "These days, Congress leaders are only speaking against Modi, against BJP, because they know that BJP will come to power this time."

"At present, there is no double engine government in Punjab. Right now only the engine of the central government is working. Even in these conditions, we tried our best to build new highways, make expressways, promote industries here in Punjab. Record procurement is being done at MSP for the crops of the farmers of Punjab," he said.

PM Modi said that Punjab was once recognized as the happiest state in the country but today the situation is different, the debt on the state is increasing, employment opportunities are less, youth have to migrate, the employees of the departments have to agitate on the streets.

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